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Compression Cutting for Custom Foam Products

Custom compression cutting is taking all types of foam products to the next level. Whether you need personalized comfort detailing for your mattress or mattress topper, or specialized foam cut specifically for your sound booth, Foam Factory has got you covered. Foam Factory’s new compression cutter, or foam profile cutting machine, is an addition that’s allowed our high-quality products to become even better by producing detailed, specialized products to fit your personal needs and tastes. It can implement designs ... (Read More)

Improve Sound Quality on a Budget with Eggcrate Sheets

Whether at work, at home or in the car, we have become conditioned to accept noise as the norm in life and not the exception. But with Foam Factory, Inc.’s economy-sized 72 inch by 80 inch sheets of charcoal eggcrate acoustical foam, any area can experience improved sound quality and less residual noise, cutting a little stress out of our daily lives. The use of acoustical foam isn’t just restricted to recording professionals or audiophiles. With applications ranging from ... (Read More)

Understanding the ASTM E84 Standard for Fire Retardancy

When researching a product, its quality, functionality, and affordability are often the biggest factors in the purchase process. However, the single most important, yet often overlooked area is safety. Regardless of how well it measures up in other areas, a product isn’t worth the investment if it isn’t safe. Product safety is taken seriously at Foam Factory, Inc. and is why all the acoustic foam we manufacture and sell meets the ASTM E84 flame retardancy test at its highest ... (Read More)

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