2" Pyramid Foam

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2 inch pyramid foam is effective against standing waves and flutter echoes in most small-to-medium sized rooms like vocal booths, control rooms and studios. It also functions as a full-frequency bandwidth absorber for any size room when used in conjunction with corner bass absorbers and male/female broadband absorbers.

Foam Colors Available
Acoustical Performance Data
Overall NRC: 0.45
2 Inch Pyramid Performance Graph
To view the full PDF report of our acoustical test results, see the resources section (below).

Flammability Test Results
Classification: Class A
Flame Spread Index: 25
Smoke Developed Index: 250

Acoustical Performance Data: NRC Ratings for Pyramid Foam
Leading Competitor Comparison: Acoustic Foam Product Comparisons
Flammability Test Results: ASTM-E84
Physical Data Sheet: Acoustic Foam Physical Data Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
How To: How To Use Spray Adhesive with Acoustic Foam (PDF)


Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Color Availability
Size and quantity selections will affect color option availability.

Pyramid vs. Wedge Absorption
To create the pyramid style, this foam must pass through our machine twice, resulting in a higher cost than the wedge for a more visually pleasing product. With less overall mass than our wedge foam, it provides about 76 percent as much absorption than the wedge, but has a better diffusion rate.

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Verified Buyer
Great product
Pat | May 3rd, 2024
Built 5 recording studios in Michigan using the Foam Factory 2” Pyramid foam.
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I ordered and expected!
Boney | March 9th, 2024
It is great day when expectations of a product or service provider are met or exceeded. The tiles arrived when stated and well packaged (compressed), the product is of good quality (exact cuts, no misshapened or mangled tiles) and within 24 - 48 hours all of the tiles expanded to the specified dimensions (12" X 12" X 2"). I used the tiles to close space between flood joists in my basement which is in effect will become the ceiling for a small voice recording studio. The Foam Factory did not disappoint!
Verified Buyer
Good Stuff
Don Justice | March 7th, 2024
Exactly what I was looking for. Great price, fast shipping. What more could you want?
Rob | March 21st, 2023
Foam is everything I hoped it would be.
Good Product
w h logan | October 5th, 2022
got pyramid foam 6 - 2x4'. I have 2 12' subwoofers along with 4 tower speakers in a 7.2 surround sound that needed muting of secondary and thereafter sound bouncing. These worked very well. I didn't want to go "overboard" with tons & tons of sound muting material (completely) messing up the charm & décor of the room hence a somewhat difficult task
Love it
Josh Kinney | September 28th, 2022
I bought the burgundy foam and it turned out amazing. so much easier to install vs the 1' squares!
Ewa Opasinski | July 27th, 2022
I dont need this material for acoustical reasons but rather for its texture, Im a designer and wanting to make a cool pattern on a wall in one of my projects. I already received the large panels and loving it.
Great experience - I ordered $450 of the 2" pyramid acoustic foam in several sizes and colors. Order shipped quickly, and came packed VERY tight in one heavy package the size of a microwave. Upon unpacking, the foam fully retained its original shape withi
John Nussmeier | December 5th, 2019
2 inch pyramid acoustic foam: (4) 72 x 48 burgundy (2) 72 x 48 charcoal (6) 48 x 24 charcoal (6) 48 x 24 burgundy