Medical Body Wedge - Burgundy Foam

Medical Body Wedge - Burgundy Foam


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Designed for use while reclining or lying down, body wedges add support to the back or legs, providing elevation to either end of the body. Wedges are excellent for improving circulation and boosting your posture while watching TV, reading, or sleeping. Whether you are looking for a way to relieve discomfort like back pain, or just want a new form of support, body wedges are available in a size right for you!

Standard Size: 24" x 24"

Cover Options: Select from the Dropdown Menu
  • Removable Twill Zippered Cover - 100% Cotton
  • Removable Suede Zippered Cover - 100% Pure Micro Polyester Fiber*

Both available in numerous colors.

*NOTE: Suede cover not available for 18" Body Wedge

fabric colors available

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.

Physical Data Sheet: Medical Foam Physical Data Sheet


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Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

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Verified Buyer
The best bed wedge pillow I've ever owned
WatermelonLove | April 30th, 2024
I have been using bed wedge pillows since 2015. I have used half-moon varieties, teardrop-shaped models and triangular-shaped wedge pillows. Some featured built-in lumbar support, and others provided half-moon pillows for lumbar and neck support. I found some good ones over the years but was always seeking out my next wedge pillow. I’m 6’2”, and this exceeds the average height for U.S. adults of about 5’7”. Instinctively, I knew a better-fitting wedge pillow was available, but I had to search. To my knowledge, Foam Factory produces the only wedge pillow that exceeds 12 inches in height, with 14-, 16- and 18-inch models available. Stunning! I am using this wedge pillow in three ways: 1. Sitting up but leaning back when working on a computer (tallest triangle version) 2. Somewhat sitting up but leaning farther back when watching videos (shortest triangle version) 3. Reclining when reading and watching videos (flipped upside-down) Some might look at these and not fully consider them because they don’t contour to the spine’s elongated “S” curve or because they contain no memory foam, but I view these nonfeatures as benefits. Why? Wedge pillows’ contours aren’t designed for every body, so it’s to your advantage to buy separate lumbar and, possibly, neck support. (I’m using a 3-inch wide lumbar support with a good amount of give and shredded memory foam pillow for my head and neck.) Memory foam often runs hot, so traditional foam works better if you’re looking to stay cooler. Plus, you can easily buy a 2.5-inch-thick flat memory foam pillow (possibly with a cooling feature) and place it over the wedge pillow, if you’d like. I bought a 16-inch model with the green vegan suede cover, and it’s outstanding. (Tip: Place crib sheets on these pillows for easy washing and to extend the life of the main cover.) I especially like how the main backrest area runs 28 inches. I decided to also buy a 4-inch wedge pillow to stack for greater angle flexibility when using it in positions 1 and 2. Foam Factory, keep making these for decades to come. You have my business!
Jason Borowka | April 26th, 2023
Works good for me. Bought the wedge with the cover. Happy with my purchase.
Wedge Works
Dave | March 20th, 2022
I bought this to help with back and snorring issues. The 30 degree is nice to prop up behind and with the three different angles the wedge has, you can adjust to your liking. This woks also nicely under the legs for elevation.