Comfort and Support Fabric Covers


Our twill is made of the highest quality 100 percent cotton. As shown below, we offer a wide range of colors to match any home, office or other setting you may be using our products. Our twill is very durable, versatile and comfortable for any use. These covers are also wrinkle resistant, machine washable and can be spot cleaned for easy care. Additionally, most of our twill covers come with a zipper to provide a quick and easy removal for cleaning or update in styling.


Passion Suede

Passion suede is made of 100 percent pure micro-polyester fiber, rendering it shrink resistant, soft and durable. This fabric feels just like suede at a fraction of the price! Available in a wide range of colors, the passion suede includes color fade resistance, anti-sag, anti-stiffening and anti-pilling resistance to ensure long-term use and enjoyment of our product. The fabric is machine washable and most covers come with a zipper to make it easily removable for laundering. It can also be spot cleaned as necessary.