HD36-HQ Foam - Standard Mattress

HD36-HQ Foam - Standard Mattress


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The right bed can make the difference between a good night of sleep and great one. With our options for foam mattresses, experience a better way to get the rest you deserve. Our HD36-HQ foam mattress is one of our highest performing foams on the market. It offers all of the dependable softness and cushioning you expect of foam, but with a higher level of durability to make it one of our longest lasting solutions.

When considering if foam is right for you, there are a few characteristics worth noting. Not only is foam long lasting and easy to care for, it offers superior comfort and support without the use of springs which will give out over time. In addition to this, these foam mattresses are ideal for providing much-needed relief and alleviate pressure while maintaining proper body support and firmness. An HD36-HQ foam mattress provides the same balance of comfort and support as HD36-Regular foam but with an increase in material density. That means your HD36-HQ foam mattress will be more resilient, durable and last even longer than a regular foam mattress. We offer this mattress type in several options in terms of thickness and size. Whether looking for a twin or California king, we have you covered. Find your perfect sleep solution today!

Custom Cutting is Available!
Need something other than our standard mattress sizes? We can cut custom sizes of HD36 HQ to fit your exact needs. See Custom Mattresses for details.

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
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Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*California King Mattresses
CA King sized mattresses and toppers are a solid 72"x80" with an extra 4" glued to the end to make it 72"x84". There is no additional charge for the gluing.

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Verified Buyer
Worked for Select Comfort
Mike | May 14th, 2024
We have an older Select Comfort Ca King bed. There was a 2" layer of foam on top of the inflatable cells, but the foam had turn thin in spots due to wear, and it was like sleeping in a trough. The replacement foam worked perfectly to correct this issue. Bed is now flat again, and sleep much improved. Was able to lower the number on the SN bed by 20 Points, keeping the same firmness I was used to enjoying.
Verified Buyer
Love it!!
Debbi | April 24th, 2024
I bought this to use in my camp trailer. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. My husband says we need to order another one !
Verified Buyer
Great purchase
VDub | March 9th, 2024
Exceptional quality mattress, using it in an old camper. Hotel quality sleeping. Thanks guys
Verified Buyer
Too firm
Eleanor | February 6th, 2024
I generally like firm mattresses, but I think either this foam is just too firm or I'm too light (100 lbs). My more average-sized friends think it's great, but to me it's like sleeping on a linoleum floor with one of those puzzle piece playroom squares on top. It hurts my shoulders when I'm on my side and I can't sleep on my stomach at all. I definitely didn't need 6 inches either since it's so dense. I want to get a memory foam topper from here to make it tolerable but idk after being down $200 with no return solution.
High quality and affordable
Mai Kneale | June 30th, 2023
Foam By Mail saved me so much money!! I recently purchased a twin size porch swing. To purchase a cushion set was over $1500!! I searched for foam to DIY it myself and found FBM! Saved so much money! It’s high quality and comfortable and fit the sunbrella cover I purchased separately. Will order again! I’m very satisfied with my purchase:-)
Wonderful mattress - HD36-High Quality 2.8 pound density
Tara34 | May 1st, 2023
Our 4 year old dual foam mattress from a large national furniture seller was sagging and giving us back and hip pain. So last year we purchased a 4 inch HD 36-HQ Foam mattress in Cal King size from the Foam Factory. At the same time, we purchased a latex mattress topper from another seller. We quickly decided that we liked the HD 36 HQ Foam much better than the latex as a sleeping surface. The latex was too firm to sleep on and too heavy to move, rotate or flip. So this year, we got rid of the latex topper (we had been using it as a base layer under the HQ foam). And we ordered another Cal King size piece of HD36-HQ Foam in the 6 inch thickness. So now we have stacked the two slabs (4 inch and 6 inch) together making a 10 inch mattress of identical foam. We had a stretchy 10 inch mattress cover that we removed from the previous mattress so we zipped the two stacked foam slabs up in the cover. Now we have a wonderful, firm, flippable mattress that is the same foam on both sides. The cost of the two slabs together in Cal King size is less than $500 so it is less than a decent mattress would cost at a mattress store. We know from experience with our prior foam mattress that the quality of this HD36-HD is clearly much better. The old dual foam mattress from the furniture store developed body impressions almost immediately. With the HD36-High Quality Foam, we have no body impressions with daily use for 10 months.
Best of the best
Gregory Daum | February 16th, 2023
I will continue to make my foam purchases here. Great quality. Timely shipping and delivery. Excellent customer support. Can't ask for anything else. Kudos!!!
HD36-HQ Foam - Standard Mattress
Blake | January 5th, 2023
Arrived in perfect condition in packaging. Allowed to sit out and decompress for a few days (was waiting for other bedding elements to arrive) after which it now serves as a firm, soft second-to-top layer. Great!
Excellent Product & Service!
Ryan | November 21st, 2022
Our second purchase from Foam Factory was 2 inches of HD-36-HQ Foam for the mattress we built. The quality was excellent, the product superb, and the rest has been very welcomed. Two total purchases with zero complaints and lots of comfort. Aired this out for 3 days, although it would have been fine after 1.
great product
Viseth Phaisan | August 14th, 2022
best foam i’ve ever had!!and fast shipping!
I love all 3 foams!!!!
AlienWoman | June 7th, 2022
Well last time ( 6 mos ago or so) I bought the higher quality foam (full 3") and figured this time I will buy the HQ foam too. It was only 14.00 more for both. ( full and twin 3"). It corrected the uncomfy futon mattress on the day bed and in the front room. That room I have two futon mattresses on top of ea other with boards in between and it still just sunk in too much by putting the soft memory foams on top feeling like I was on a Hammock. So I put this 3" full HQ firm foam on top and it corrects the problem. I did put about 1.75" of soft foam on top and now it is perfect. In total I bought all 3", 2 full and one twin HQ foam. In the 3rd bedroom my grandma's old bed is way too SOFT. SO I bought this twin firm foam to correct that problem 3". I have not put it on that bed yet but I will this weekend. Last time I bought the full only and it had no chemical smell. This time both full and twin had a SLIGHT chemical smell. BUT it did dissipate in 6 days. I have MCS but it had been getting better over the past two years and the slight smell did not bother me much but I did leave it in the garage till it dissipated which only took 6 days. This is a great company and I will order again!!! I have a normal full mattress in the back bedroom and don't think I need any foam for that at this time. But when the others get old I will buy again from this awesome company!!!!
Best company to make the Best Mattress and...
Nydia | May 9th, 2022
Do you have frustration with mattresses nowadays? Well, I was one of them, Until I found Foam Factory. I can create my own mattress according to my needs, spend the half of anywhere else, and have budget to make cushions for my sofas! Their products are high quality, the Company has an amazing delivery system, and if you are in doubt, I have been able to make mattress system for my whole family and friends! They don't have to advertise themselves because you need to find the best option for yourself and do your homework of your needs. Nobody knows your pains and aches, but Foam Factory knows how to relieve them!
2" full size
Bruce | February 3rd, 2022
Basically it has changed the comfort of a new bed I purchased about 1 yr. ago. There's nothing wrong with the bed it just needed something an this foam was it.
Ellie | January 11th, 2022
This mattress on top of my Lux HQ gives me the perfect support I need. I've tried many mattresses in my life & there's nothing better than foam. The best foam comes from right here. I will never buy foam from anyone but here. I'm happy, my body's happy. Great company, customer service, & quality foam at a great price. Thank you, Foam Factory.
Excellent product
Terry Herr | August 16th, 2021
I bought this mattress in a 6 inch to replace a 12 inch multi layer memory foam mattress that was killing my low back. This mattress with a 2 inch low density memory foam topper is the best combination that I have ever had. No more waking up with a stiff low back, excellent support and works great in my adjustable bed.
Good product
James | February 12th, 2020
The foam is consistent with no soft or firm spots. It is dense, and should last a long time. Good packaging, and I am happy with the purchase. 4" is thick enough for me as a mattress. I might have been able to use only 3". I would buy it again. No odor noticed at all.
great product and service
Maryann Goyn | February 26th, 2020
i ordered 2 inches of HD 36 HQ and 2 inches of lux HQ for a camper bed. Delivery was quick and product seems to be excellent quality. I've actually been using the 36 HD for a topper on our bed until we need it in the camper. The HD HQ is great support for my lower back. ITs a little too firm for my shoulders so i used a piece of memory foam on the upper part of the bed. Working great. Considering doing similar layers to replace our king size mattress instead of a buying a standard mattress.
Great mattress. :)
Kat Lutomska | January 4th, 2020
Very positive experience all around and great quality. Informative and straightforward descriptions helped me choose the right product. Would purchase again. :)