2-1/2" Eggcrate Foam - Charcoal - 72"x80"

2-1/2" Eggcrate Foam - Charcoal - 72"x80"

2-1/2" Eggcrate Foam - Charcoal - 72"x80"



For people who want the increased sound-deadening qualities of 2 inch wedge foam, eggcrate foam performs well while saving you money. The style of eggcrate foam keeps the price down, but the quality of foam still performs well for someone needing soundproofing on a budget. It is especially practical for people planning to cover their deadening foam with acoustical cloth.

Standard Size: 72" x 80"

To view the full PDF report of our acoustical test results, see the resources tab. 2 inches wedge graph

Overall NRC: 0.60

Flammability Test Results:
Class A
25 Flame Spread Index
250 Smoke Spread Index
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