Medical Foam Body Wedge - Gray Striped Cover

Medical Foam Body Wedge - Gray Striped Cover

Medical Foam Body Wedge - Gray Striped Cover


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Get the support and comfort you deserve with our medical foam body wedge with gray striped cover!

We all know the struggle when it comes to getting comfortable enough to truly relax. With our body wedge, you can remedy this problem altogether with an item made specifically to provide support where you need it most. Designed for use while reclined or lying down, body wedges add support to the back or legs, providing elevation to either side of the body. These are excellent for improving circulation and encouraging proper breathing while watching TV, reading or sleeping. Body wedges are great for those who suffer from back pain or are just looking for a new form of support and comfort. Best of all, our medical foam body wedge with gray striped cover is easy to care for, so you get a hassle-free addition. The cover is easy to keep clean when cared for properly and the interior is filled with our antimicrobial medical foam! We offer this product in several heights to help you get the position that is best for your needs. While some people want just a little height, others need a higher elevation to deal with certain medical conditions. Choose from a smaller option such as the 4-inch height which provides a 9.5-degree angle, a larger option like the 18-inch height which gives a 37-degree angle, or one of the many choices somewhere in between those two ends of the height spectrum. Add this reliable and comfortable foam product to your routine today!

Standard Size:24" x 24"

Included: Gray and white striped cover (non-removable)
50/50 cotton/polyester blend
Spot clean only

Certipur-US logo
Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.

Physical Data Sheet: Medical Foam Physical Data Sheet


Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

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Excellent Quality
Jory | August 25th, 2022
Bought this to use with the leg riser and it works great! I'm able to adjust the level of elevation and the foam quality is excellent! I've had other brands that the foam collapses after a few uses but this foam is like new after 3 weeks of daily use and still comfortable for all day support!