Eight Foot Shredded Foam Sack

Eight Foot Shredded Foam Sack


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At eight feet long, our largest foam sack is like climbing into a cloud! With its size, it is able to hold four adults or as many as six children at once, instantly making it the most popular piece of furniture in the house! Fantastic in theater rooms, living rooms, basements or large game rooms, the eight foot oval foam sack means big-time comfort! Additionally, our suede covers strike the perfect balance of having enough give to mold to your shape without stretching out over time.

Size: 96" length x 48" width x 24" height
Capacity: 4 adults or 5 to 6 children
Includes: Foam, zippered inner black twill liner, zippered suede cover

Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chair
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This is pretty cool
Susan | February 1st, 2024
I always worry that bean bag furniture will be cheap and flimsy. This is freaking awesome! Okay, it's heavy. Fortunately I was smart enough to move it to the second floor room where it would live while it was still in the box. Once we released the beast it was the size of a couch. I sat on it and it's really comfortable and sturdy, although it smooshed a good amount. The dogs tried to jump up, that will take time for them to figure it out but it's a fun game for all of us. I am really glad I bought this and I hope I still love it a year from now. I'm pretty sure I will.
Amazing support for pregnancy!
Jay | October 8th, 2023
I bought "the big one" in the hopes that it would provide my wife with some options for stretching out during our second pregnancy-she had sciatic nerve pain and couldn't get comfortable. We got the 8 ft foam sack in charcoal and it has been a rock solid piece of our home ever since. We just ordered three 3ft liners to break it down into some more modular pieces now that out lil one is getting a bit bigger. It has lasted perfectly for a year and a half of use, no issues and I would recommend it to anyone!! BTW it is MASSIVE and it ends up being a lot wider than you'd think...make sure you have space.