Eggcrate Foam Topper

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Made in the USA!
Eggcrate foam toppers offer increased air circulation, comfort and support for the body and soften firmer bedding, making it an economical topper for an existing mattress.

NOTE: Eggcrate toppers can be used with the peaks facing up or down, according to the user's preference.

Available Foam Types
Poly Foam (White):
Economical foam for occasional use applications.
Super Soft Foam (White): For people who want a very soft comfort layer
HD36-HQ Foam (White): For people who want a blend of comfort and firmness
Lux-HQ Foam (Blue): For people who want only firm foam

Custom Cutting is Available!
We can cut custom sizes for eggcrate toppers! Please Contact Us for details.

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
Resources Notes

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*California King Topper
CA King sized eggcrate topper are a solid 72"x80" with an extra 4" glued to the end to make it 72"x84". There is no additional charge for the gluing.

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Wow - a wonderful mattress topper
Andrew Hardman | February 4th, 2021
Purchased the 2.5" convoluted (eggcrate) HD36-HQ topper. All I can say is "wow" - what a wonderful sleep this topper provides. The foam cradles and supports you. The foam returns much quicker than memory foam that way you're not rolling into a dip in the mattress. I wake up rested and refreshed - great topper.
Very comfy eggcrate topper
DeeDee | February 13th, 2020
I got the HD36 1 1/2 inch eggcrate topper. I wanted a little extra cushion without it being too thick or soft. It's perfect. I've ordered from this company before, and this is the same pad I had on my bed before. It held up a long time, but I got a different size bed, so I needed a new pad. I've ordered several items from this company over time, and have been happy with everything.
Made the bed like new again.
James | March 11th, 2020
Great topper. Foam made the bed firm and fit perfectly. Great sleeping now.
Exactly what I needed
Elizabeth P | February 28th, 2020
I bought the HD36-HQ foam topper in 2.5" for my queen sized bed. This was the right choice because it is a great mix of soft and supportive. I use mine with the peaks up and then a mattress protector on top. It has made side-lying much more comfortable and I don't toss and turn as much anymore. My mattress is only 3 years old but felt like I needed an upgrade. I am so happy I found this company because it is USA based and the quality is really fantastic for the price.
Very comfy
Liz | December 4th, 2019
We purchased two twin long 2 1/2” HD36-HQ. perfect mattress topper. Not too hard..not too soft. We’ve ordered from this company several times. Great customer service!
super soft foam is great for the kids
Kris | November 20th, 2019
Purchased the 2.5" Super Soft Foam. Not dense enough for me, but my 7 year old is only 60# and loves it.
Kris | November 20th, 2019
Purchased the 2.5" HD36-HQ. Super comfortable. Just right.
Very comfortable
Daniel O. | July 14th, 2019
I bought the 1.5" HD36 and I'm really happy with it. The firmness is just right. It's clean, high-quality foam. I just wanted a little extra cushion on my extra firm mattress, but not too soft or too thick and this pad provides that.