Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets

Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets

Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets



Polyethylene foam makes for an outstanding archery target because of its high 6LB density. It allows arrows to penetrate into the foam and stick to the mark, without going through the product or just bouncing off.

Standard Size: 2" x 23" x 24" (Size is approximate)

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Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Foam Only
Product is sold as foam-only. Does not include target designs or covers.

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Verified Buyer
Great archery target
Don Merry | April 24th, 2024
These 6lb density archery targets are the best to shoot into!
Foam target material
Terry | June 16th, 2023
Great arrow stopping material. Wish pulling arrows out wasn't so difficult. I imagine aluminum clad shafts pull out easier. Carbon fiber shafts need lubricated every couple rounds to facilitate removal. That said , this is my second purchase of the two inch thick foam. First purchase was then glued to new purchase for better stopping power. All my carbon arrows pull out extremely difficult.
Just what I wanted
Phil | May 25th, 2023
These high density pieces are a huge improvement over the Styrofoam targets I had been using. They look like they will last much longer and stop arrows from bows of any draw weight. Very happy with the product and customer service.
Great Stuff!
Michael Ciccone | May 25th, 2023
This foam is perfect for longbow and recurves...
Great product
Tom Maguire | April 17th, 2023
Good solid foam, thanks!
Good stuff!
Darren Haverstick | February 20th, 2023
This is the 3rd order I've placed for this product. The 1st two orders I bought a single piece to use as the vitals for my life size moose target. This time I'm building my entire moose target out of the stuff. The target will be 4" thick which should be adequate for my longbow.
One Awesome Product
3D Archery | November 18th, 2022
This foam is awesome. I repair shot out targets with it, I make targets with it, I use it as a back stop. The possibilities are endless. I have recently made animal targets with it that are on a springed hinge, so when you hit it, it falls over and then bounces back up! The Archers love it!
Nice foam!
Mikhail Kojoukhine | September 9th, 2022
Got this for my indoor 24x24 target, just to practice with low power recurve bow. Haven’t even unpacked from cardboard, placed face 24x24 target from Long Bow targets and fired away!
High density foam archery target
Jacqueline Green | August 29th, 2022
Great product
Works but ore than one needed
Lucas | December 24th, 2021
For context I'll provide the specs of my set up: Compound bow set to 70 lb draw weight, 31.5 in draw length. Arrows are micro diameter .166 total arrow length is 33.75 inches, 19% FOC, and weight 642 grains. Feet per second is 227-230 and Kinetic Energy was 74 ish Foot Pounds. These foam targets are as listed in the descriptions above, quality is great, and they will work. Two of these sheets managed to stop my arrow, but barely! The arrow was burred through both sheet up to the nock, and the arrow had to be pulled through the foam. Three sheet' stopped the arrow just before the fletching made contact with the foam. Four sheets stopped the arrow after it penetrated 2/3 of the way through. If you have heavier arrows expect to need multiple sheets to stop your arrows.
Target Foam - great stuff
Larry Kangas | May 21st, 2021
I've used these to draw and cut out, paint small game targets, rabbits, grouse, woodchucks, racoons, beaver, duck, squirrels, etc. Use both compound and traditional bows. Grandkids love them, as it adds so much to archery fun.
Great Product
Tony | August 22nd, 2020
I've been buying these targets for years from this company. You can also purchase 8" circles from this company for an additional fee. Due to the fact that the center will always wear our first, you can use the supplied circle as you template. Cut a hole 1/4" smaller than the circle all the way around and force the circle into the cut hole. Now you have a brand new target. Love this stuff.
Great target foam
Wayne | September 13th, 2019
I shoot 38 and 36# recurves year round into these foam blocks, temps range from -15 to 90F. I try to move the targets faces around as much as possible to distribute the holes but after about 1800 arrows the center is pretty shot out. I rotate the target to get another 500 shots in less shot our regions. The I cut the shot out piece down the middle flip the edges to the center and duct tape it to a new piece of foam. I currently have 3 layers to target, 2 shot out flipped and one new all duct taped together. Works great and I get over half a year out of each new target foam piece then it gets moved one layer back. This is cheaper than replacing bag targets I highly recommend this foam
High Density Foam Archery Targets.
Roy | June 12th, 2019
The high density foam targets are great for archery. We shoot thousands of arrows into the foam before we change targets and the targets remain outside from March to November. We highly recommend these high density foam targets. Generally this foam target is used by recurve archers shooting 40# to 45# recurve bows.
Nice targets
Dave Whitcomb | June 12th, 2019
These work great. They take thousands of shots. 70# bows can shoot through them, esp when they're worn a bit so I stack 2. The backup can be made from a quartered old one since the center gets shot out. Glued with spray adhesive, and park a car wheel on a board on them till glue sets. Keep the arrow shafts clean and put silicone on them once in a while so they're easy to pull out.