Pick and Pull Grid - Pink Anti-Static Foam

Pick and Pull Grid - Pink Anti-Static Foam

Pick and Pull Grid - Pink Anti-Static Foam


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Anti-Static Pick and Pull Grid foam dissipates electro-static charges given off by components or people, providing safe transport for your delicate electronics. With a 1/2 inch grid configuration, this foam can be designed to size and easily separated by hand to fit any object.

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Resources Notes

Made to Order
Our line of Pink Anti-Static Pick and Pull Grid products are made to order, which results in longer processing times. Made to order items typically require about 5 to 10 business days for processing.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Anti-Static Foam Color
Anti-Static foam may vary in color from light pink/peach to deep pink.

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Verified Buyer
Great place to buy from
Catherine Mcmillan | April 24th, 2024
Really good product, really great service. I needed to get it by a certain date and they were very accommodating and kind. Thank you!
Pick & Pull Grid - Antistatic Foam
Andrea Fields | February 1st, 2023
Great service, fantastic accommodations for delivery - MY GO TO for foam
Great product!
Aubree | August 2nd, 2022
I have purchased this multiple times and it works very well for my needs (packing electronics for shipping). It's easy to use and I like that it protects my electronics from static.
Just What I Needed
blondemary | June 15th, 2019
I recently purchased a dremel and needed to store it where it wouldn't be damaged. The pink compartment foam was just perfect. The foam fits in the box and the dremel fits in the foam. The foam cradles the dremel like it was made for it. Would recommend this product to everyone!
Morgan Mullins | June 6th, 2019
Just what we needed and exactly as described! Works perfectly for our sensitive equipment and keeps things from bouncing around, plus it was easy to customize and a great price for the size and quality.