Neoprene High Quality Skins - 1/16"x80"x48"

Neoprene High Quality Skins - 1/16"x80"x48"

Neoprene High Quality Skins - 1/16"x80"x48"



Make the most of your next project with the use of our neoprene high quality foam skins. Made with a focus on durability and resistance to outside factors, this solution offers the best in value and performance for projects both large and small.

Neoprene foam is a soft, flexible and durable form-fitting sponge rubber that provides good thermal and moisture insulation. It is resistant to the Ozone, sunlight, oxidation, many chemicals, and petroleum derivatives. Neoprene can resist breakdown by water and air and is able to be isolated by virtue of its unique molecular structure. These neoprene high-quality foam skins provide resiliency against water and soiling while their firmer feel can soften more direct pressure, like springs or sharp gravel and rocks. The skins are also easy to work with thanks to their lightweight nature and ease of placement. We offer our neoprene skins in an attractive dark charcoal color which ensures a pleasing appearance that hides dirt. Whether you plan on layering this solution or using it in a more open concept, it offers the best in performance and appearance for a reliable solution you can count on. Ideal for a range of applications and projects, this material is a closed cell material which ensures protection against moisture while also offering impressive longevity for years of use. If you have any questions about this solution, please Contact Us for assistance today.

Standard Size: 1/16" x 80" x 48" (Dimensions are approximate)

Resources Notes

IMPORTANT: Flooring Applications
This foam is not designed to be used as flooring for vigorous activity and similar uses. Please test this material for use in your particular application to determine individual suitability.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

This product may contain blemishes, marks, and/or imperfections. These blemishes are aesthetic only, and will not impact the physical performance of the product.

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Verified Buyer
This is great stuff!
glenn | February 7th, 2024
The thickness (1/16") is just right for my application. The shipped quantity for the price (incl Shipping) is excellent, enough for months of experiments that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Great Stuff!