How to Stuff Your Cushion

Supplies Needed to Complete This Task

You will need your new foam cushion and the cover you plan to fill.

Preparing Your Cover for the Foam

Plaid Cushion Cover

While your cover is probably empty after removing the old cushion to record measurements, make sure that no remnants or any other debris are left inside the cover. This is also an excellent opportunity to wash your covers. If you do wash your cover, be sure that it's completely dry before stuffing it with your new cushion. Make sure that the material is washer and dryer safe before using those cleaning methods as well. When ready, fully unzip the cover and lay it out on a flat surface, with the opening facing you.

Inserting the Foam Into the Cushion

Hands Folding Foam to Put Into Cover

Take the cushion or seat back replacement foam you have cut to size and position it in front of the cover. Fold the sides of the foam together, facing up, as shown in picture 1. If you're unable to do this, you can also use a wide belt to synch the foam in this position. Once folded, push the foam into the cover like picture 2 shows, until it reaches the front of the cover, as seen in picture 3. Release the foam, and it will flatten as much as possible, as shown in picture 4.

NOTE: If you need to synch the foam together to slide it into its cover, be sure not to use thin rope, twine or shoestrings, or anything else that can slice into the cushion. If you don't have a belt, 2" wide packaging or duct tape wrapped with the sticky side facing out is broad enough to keep from cutting through the foam.

Hands Putting Foam Into CoverFoam Being Put Into CoverFoam Being Put Into Cover

Smoothing Out the Cover

Foam Inside Smoothed Out Cover

Usually after the foam has been inserted, the cover will need to be evened out. The goal is for the seams of the cover to line up with the edges of the foam, as shown in the picture to the right. There is no special trick for accomplishing this, so just manipulate the foam and cover into position, evening out the wrinkles as they occur.

Closing the Cover

Once you have the cushion situated in the cover, it will still be bulging out of the zipper opening to some degree. This is a good thing, as it means the cover won't be loose and the cushion will have a full appearance. Simply press the foam into the cushion with one hand as you zip over it. If you cut and measured correctly, you should have no problem squeezing the foam in behind the zipper.

Foam Being Pushed Into Cover for Zipper Zippered Cover Closed with Foam Inside Final Zippered Foam Cushion

Final Results

Once it's zipped up, your cushion should look crisp and full. Seams should line up with cushion edges and you shouldn't have any wrinkles in the fabric, unless the cover itself is worn out. Now that you've finished your cushion, toss them on the couch and relax - you've done it!

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