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Dimensions off, but all good
Arlen | January 25th, 2023
I ordered the exact size I needed to the nearest 1/4 inch. I received foam cut to the next largest whole inch measurement, so I had to cut all 3 large pieces down to fit exactly for a custom gun case lining. No big deal. Good Price, very quick delivery, THANK YOU !!!
Steve Wand | January 7th, 2023
The product ordered was 4"x50"x21" and we we received 22" wide. This put the overall width 2" over our packaging and the foam would not fit or nest properly. We've reordered at 20" and 3" to get a proper fit for the packaging. Great product, service and delivery, but 1-2" extra overstuffed the turkey for our app.
Looks great
Adam | June 21st, 2022
I purchased 2 pre-cut foam pieces to hide wires in the back of my media cabinet. It looks great!
Byron N | June 15th, 2022
I ordered this grey foam to line a guitar case. It worked perfectly in three layers - case base, cut-out for instrument, case top.
Great Product And Service
Leslie Schefman | June 11th, 2022
I needed custom cut foam. This is quality stuff, and the custom work was flawless and to spec. Everything was as planned and the website made ordering easy.
Custom cut foam
Wayne Groves | November 14th, 2019
The foam arrived, I unboxed it and laid it out overnight to relax. The requested cut was only off by 3/16" on just one side, but it made no overall difference to the fit. The type of foam was just what I was looking for.