5LB ViscoMAX Memory Foam Mattress - Pink

5LB ViscoMAX Memory Foam Mattress - Pink


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There is no denying that memory foam offers one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences available on today's market. With the body contouring design to provide superior support and cushioning specifically outlined for your exact body which helps eliminate pressure points, a memory foam bed is a smart way to ensure a restful night of sleep that is personalized to your needs. With our ViscoMAX 5 lb memory foam mattress, you get one of our firmer foams without compromising on the softness and body contouring features you expect of this material.

We offer our ViscoMAX memory foam mattress in several options to ensure you get the right outcome. Choose from several sizes, tops, bases, and covers to create the best sleep solution for your preferences and budget. If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.

Mattress Heights
8 inch = 3" 5LB ViscoMAX memory foam top layer + either 5" HD-36 or 5" LUX-HQ foam base
9 inch = 4" 5LB ViscoMAX memory foam top layer + either 5" HD-36 or 5" LUX-HQ foam base

Cover Options
Poly-Cotton Knit Cover
  • 25/75 organic cotton/polyester blend*
  • Zippered for easy removal
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • FREE with any Twin, Twin Long, Full, Full Long, Queen, King, or CA King mattress
Gray and White Striped Cover
  • 50/50 cotton/polyester blend
  • Zippered for easy removal
  • Dry clean only
  • $10.00 - any standard-size mattress
Beige Terrycloth Cover
  • 80/20 cotton/polyester blend
  • Zippered for easy removal
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • $20.00 - any standard-size mattress
Custom Memory Foam Mattresses are Available!
We can custom make memory foam mattresses to any size. Please Contact Us for details!

Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
  • 100% visco-elastic memory foam top layer
  • Flexible, resilient, and durable
  • Meets CA TB117 flammability requirement
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature-sensitive foam responds to body heat
  • Molds and contours perfectly to your body
  • Superior pressure relief reduces back pain
  • Medium (HD36-HQ Foam) or firm (LUX-HQ Foam) base
  • Memory foam layer glued to base
  • Made in USA
  • 60-Day 100% Guarantee
  • 15-Year Warranty
Note: 5LB memory foam layer may differ in color from light pink or pink to peach.

Physical Data Sheet: 5LB ViscoMAX Memory Foam
Physical Data Sheet: HD36 High Quality Foam
Physical Data Sheet: Lux High Quality Foam
Physical Data Sheet: Poly-Cotton Knit Cover


†Warranty Information
For details on the Memory Foam Mattress/Topper Warranty and Guarantee, see the return policy on our Customer Service page.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*25/75 Organic Cotton/Polyester Cover
The product label will indicate a 100 percent polyester cover. This is due to standards implemented by our provider; products containing a certain percentage of one material will be listed as being made completely from said material. With this being the case, this cover is still 25 percent organic cotton.

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(Very) long term review
Matt Bedell | June 19th, 2020
About 15 (!!) years ago I bought an 8 inch king size version of this mattress with 3 inches of 5.5lb memory foam and 5 inches of lux foam. I still have it and sleep on it every night. Originally I purchased it as a way to save money vs. a Tempurpedic or Dormia (I was right out of college). I figured if I got 5 years out of it, I was still ahead of the game. The mattress does not have any dips or sags in it, and it is still comfortable to this day. I am considering simply sawing the foam in half and using two new mattress covers to allow me to use this on an adjustable bed. I wonder how much more mileage I will get out of it?
Very comfortable
Eric Johnston | February 5th, 2020
We had bought custom sized memory foam mattresses for our THOW and they were very comfortable. We bought a similar construction foam queen mattress to replace our mattress and box spring. The memory foam mattress is much more comfortable and we sleep better with less aches and pains.
Best product
Harshal Patel | January 13th, 2020
This is my second time purchasing same product. First bought in 2008 and still in great shape. Just decide to get new one for a change. Can't go wrong with quality
Best value on the market!
Garick Chan | August 2nd, 2019
So a friend told me about Foam by Mail and of course I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, don't you want to sit on, sleep on and test a bed before you buy it? Yes, he did the research, told me about how no one else does a 4" 5lb memory foam bed, everyone else only has 2 or 3" and then other layers of a "cooling gel" or some other marketing foam. Why not go for the best and just add an extra inch or two of straight-up 5lb foam? My wife was not into it whatsoever. So we went out to a few mattress stores to see what else is out there. Since this a bed for our 4yr old son, we've been recommended that it doesn't need to be anything too fancy at this age. So we jumped in and ordered a bed we hadn't yet tried. And I'm very glad with our purchase! No, it's not the same as a $1300 Nest bed but for $275, we got a great deal. Specs: twin size 4" 5lb memory foam mattress with the HD36-HQ base. I believe we will be buying our next mattress as a queen size with the same 4" 5lb setup.
3 years in...
David W. | July 14th, 2019
Three years into having this mattress [4" 5LB top layer and a 5" LUX-HQ base layer] I am really loving the mattress. It is holding up well and showing no signs of degradation. The base layer is a little firmer than I would like but given that I am 6'2" 320lbs and have back problems, this is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. When mine needs replacement I will be buying another mattress from Foam Factory. Worth. Every. Penny.