Seats and Cushions - Custom Cut

Use our custom cut cushion service to order replacement seat and sofa cushions to breathe new life into your furniture. Simply select your shape and enter in the dimensions, foam type(s), and quantity, and our team of specialists will craft foam cushions tailor made to your specifications.

Don’t see your shape listed below? We can make nearly any custom shape to special order. Contact Us for details.

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There is no denying that foam is a versatile material you can use for just about anything. While it can be used for a range of applications in both commercial and residential areas, one of the most common uses is still seating cushions.

With our selection of couch cushions replacements, find the perfect shape for your exact needs at an affordable price. When a sofa has old, flattened cushions or holes in the originals, it can make the seating less supportive and comfortable. Most cushions tend to lose their cushioning appeal over time and become rather thin. The best way to remedy this is with our couch cushion foam inserts. We have a wide selection of foam types and styles for you to choose from with our selection of affordable options.


Return Policy
Custom cushions cannot be accepted for return unless there is a product defect or a manufacturing error. Please see our Return Policy for more information. If you have questions concerning our return policy, please Contact Us before placing your order.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Custom-cut seats and cushions have dimensional tolerances according to the "Custom-Cut Cushions" section of our Dimensional Tolerances table. If your project requires a tighter tolerence, Contact Us for more information about machine cut custom items.

Largest Solid Sheet
The largest solid size available is 76" x 82". When any one piece of foam is ordered larger than that, it will be glued together with another piece. There are no additional gluing charges for oversized cushions.

Largest Solid Thickness
The largest solid thickness available is 6". When any one piece of foam is ordered at a greater thickness than that, it will be glued together with another piece. Up to 8" thickness, there are no additional gluing charges. For thicknesses greater than 8", an additional gluing charge will apply.

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Deborah J Ireland | July 10th, 2019
Best price on a very good product. I will order from them again. Fast shipping.
New life to my couch
Helen Arano | July 10th, 2019
My couch is just two years old, however I was ready to buy a new one, which cost too much. I bought new cushions and they are better then the originals that came with my couch, gave my couch new life, and safe me a lot of money, since I am on a very fixed income, I cannot express how thankful I am for your fantastic cushions. Thank you Foam Factory!!!!
sofa cushions
John | July 10th, 2019
Just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the professional service we received from Foam Factory. We ordered 3 custom cut dense sofa cushions and they by far exceeded our expectations. From ordering to delivery we were so impressed with your product. We live in Canada and it took 7 business days to receive our order. It has made our sofa feel new again and we are thrilled with your company and would do business with you again in a heartbeat. Thank you Foam Factory.
Great quality and service
Eva Morelli | July 10th, 2019
The cushions were exactly as described and also were exactly the measurements I provided and wanted. Perfect ,will definitely use foam by mail again. Great website!
Just right
Joy | July 10th, 2019
Ordered 6 chair cushions and received them right on time and they met my expectations. Great product!
New cushions make LIKE NEW couch
Sharon | July 10th, 2019
These cushions were perfect in my 20 year old leather couch. It literally looks and feels like a new one. I was hesitant at first bu sooo...happy with my purchase
Darlene Messina | July 10th, 2019
We love our custom sleeping porch mattress from Foam Factory. Since our antique sleeping cot was not a standard size, the Foam Factory was the perfect choice. I had the Dacron cover added and the bed is so comfy. The service was excellent and the product superior.
Great Product, fast delivery
Deni | July 10th, 2019
Ordered this late on Friday afternoon and had less than a week later. Very good quality cushion foam. Used it for seat cushions in my RV to replace old, worn seats.
Replaced dinette cushion in Travel Trailer (RPOD)
Paul Chen | July 10th, 2019
Recently i replaced the factory cushion in my RPOD 179 model. It was 3 years old, but didn't realize how much sagging had taken place. Thanks to a DIY video (, I decided to try it myself and it's super easy thanks to The Foam Factory. :)
Convenient online orders of cushions
Ahmad Ibrahim | July 10th, 2019
Convenient online cushions order, was a very easy and simple online ordering to replace cushions for my outdoor chair set, very first shipment. Thank you
Awesome product
Ella | July 2nd, 2019
I wanted to give new life to a favorite couch so I bought a cover and realized the cushions needed replacing. I found affordable fabric but not foam. I stumbled upon this place and saved over one hundred dollars! Plus the foam is exactly the way I wanted it and it’s high quality! I recommend this product to everyone!
Kathy | June 25th, 2019
I have ordered rounded L-cushion.I had Ikia sofa for years ,but the back foam lost its shape and almost the sofa was useless although the frame was intact.Then I found foam factory on line they helped me the foam that is appropriate for Ikia sofa.
Great Product, Quick and Reliable Service
Frederick | June 25th, 2019
My favorite couch was starting to sag and I was thinking of replacing it when I saw this website after a random search for seat cushions. The entire order process and simple and the service quick and reliable. Most importantly for a few extra dollars the old faithful couch is back and as comfortable as ever. I spent less than 20% of what it would have cost me to replace my otherwise perfect couch.
Foam for outdoor seats
Paula Hatcher | June 25th, 2019
I am sharing this information because I had ordered some foam for outdoor cushions. I not only got it in a timely manor but it came exactly as I had ordered it and it is wonderful foam. They were very courteous and informative and I felt confident that I would get exactly what I ordered and the sizes I ordered. It was a great transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.
Brina | June 25th, 2019
I am glad I made the decision to replace the cushions instead of buying a new sofa.Easy online ordering. We have 3 young kids and we are not ready to invest in a costly sofa at this time. We initally ordered the Lux foam high quality then we received an email from the company stating it will be super firm and do we want to continue with the order. We changed to HD36 High Quality (per recommendation) Iam glad we did. It is firm and comfortable enough for my family of 5. We will order other products in the future. We are satisfied with the shipping and the customer service provided.
Great product, Quality & Service
Michel | June 19th, 2019
I ordered 3 foam cushions for my leather coach and chair. I purchased the highest quality with the most density. So far I am very pleased with the quality of the foam,and the most support for my lower back I wanted. My father in law came for a visit and sat on the couch as he always does and suddenly he stood up and asked me if I bought new couch. He always complained about how soft and saggy my seats were and called me cheap for not buying new couch. He and everyone who sits on it likes it. Service and support folks are great by following up with me to make sure that the custom size I ordered is what I needed. Keep the great job, keep America Great. 5+ Stars out of 5.
What a great experience working with the Foam Factory
Ted Sheldon | June 19th, 2019
What a great experience working with the service people at Foam Factory, especially Amanda. Despite the fact that I had one tiny order I was treated as it was a million dollar sale. I received samples, then wanted to hold my order because I was going to be out of town for a week, and delivery was UPS, asked if I could place order on returned. I called them and they had my info, placed the order, and received within a week. My custom cut piece of foam was perfect, great experience, would do business with them again.
No more fabric store foam!
Susan | June 19th, 2019
Salesperson have me some excellent advice on the best foam to select to redo antique dining room chairs. This is the best place to order quality foam.
Great Product
Kelly | June 19th, 2019
Ordered two custom cut foam pieces for dog bed replacement cushions. Foam pieces were cut to exact ordered size and shipped quickly. Very happy with the product.
Great quality!
Kate | June 5th, 2019
Foam by Mail is wonderful for custom dog beds! I’ve ordered foam to fit her crate and two ‘soft box’ beds and have always been satisfied. Prompt service, high quality, and exact to ordered size.
Great product
Drew | May 29th, 2019
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with The Foam Factory. My sofa's upholstery covers are in fine shape, but the cushions were totally shot. I brought the sofa back to life, better than new, with the Lux foam with Dacron wrap. The sofa now feels like a comfy, firm mattress. I wouldn't take a new sofa now if it was offered to me.
Bill | May 20th, 2019
I had ordered cushions for a sofa. I was unsure about doing this myself so I initially ordered just the seat cushion. My wife was so happy she anted the back cushions replaced. The back cusions were now a usual shape and following the instructions on the web site I ordered the back cushions which turned out great. Shipping quick. Very happy with two purchases.
Just like new
Carla Weinkauf | May 19th, 2019
I had custom cut cushions made for my love seat and sofa. It made them feel and look like new. I'll be able to keep this furniture for at least another decade for 10% of the price of new furniture, I am very happy!
Thank You!
Andrew | May 17th, 2019
Great Product! Our couch is like new again. We recently had a family gathering and everyone complimented on how comfortable our couch was! Thanks for a great product, at a great price and excellent customer service!
Just like new!
Gina | May 16th, 2019
I ordered new cushion inserts for our sofa and two easy chairs. I followed the instructions for measuring, and picked high quality foam since this furniture gets a lot of use. I'm really happy with how it turned out. We are comfortable again and saved a lot of money by not having to buy all new furniture . Highly recommend this company!
What a difference!
Bobby C | May 16th, 2019
We replaced the stock seat cushions on our RV with two new Lux cushions from the Foam Factory. What a difference in comfort! Plus assistance in selecting the right product and free shipping.
Senior Environmental Pleasure Seeker
P. J. | May 15th, 2019
...needed foam insert.cushion replacements...very fortunate to purchase from foam by mail...quick delivery...excellent guests will be so comfortable, they may never leave...any foam needs in the future will be directed, quite happily with foam by mail...thanks Carlo!
Great Quality
Lori Norman | May 15th, 2019
My order was processed and shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. I unwrapped the foam and it was perfectly shaped in just a few hours. I was pleased also with the website and the information provided on each type of foam so I knew which best fit my needs. Great Job Foam Factory! I will be ordering from you in the future.
Cynthia | May 15th, 2019
I have ordered several different cushions, and always VERY pleased. Just replaced some older chair cushions and they are perfect. The instructions for ordering have always worked!! So glad I found this company!!
Home owner
Barbara Tetlow | May 15th, 2019
Just exactly the density I needed for a window cushion. Arrived right away. The window seat looks great now.
Custom cut cushions
Vicky | May 13th, 2019
I have ordered several custom cut cushions that were done with perfection and quick arrival. I would highly recommend this company.
Great product
Alex | May 9th, 2019
I created great cushions for my vintage trailer and now this is a high end sleeping bed with class and style. The foam came quickly and EXACTLY as described. Thank You Foam Factory
Perfect Fit
Linn G Hastings | May 9th, 2019
I ordered new cushions for an older outdoor chair set. After looking for 2 years , no new cushion would fit the size I needed, decided I needed to try replacing the foam and try to do it myself. The order process was so easy, the foam quality was more than I expected, the cushions were here in 3 days, the cut was perfect. Do not hesitate to purchase, wonderful service and product.
SteveN | May 8th, 2019
I had a Raymour and Flanagan sofa with cushions that failed to maintain any support. They were replaced twice under warranty. Then they are no longer available. So I found foam by mail and got three great firm cushions. Excellent.