YoungBoard Conductive XLPE - 3LB Charcoal

YoungBoard Conductive XLPE - 3LB Charcoal

YoungBoard Conductive XLPE - 3LB Charcoal


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YoungBoard is a semi-rigid, chemically cross-linked polyethylene block-type foam with a closed cell foam structure. Characteristics include a fine, homogenous cell structure with superb insulation, cushioning and water-repellent properties. Furthermore, YoungBoard has a smooth feel and printable surface. This foam can be used in specialty packaging, especially for electronics because of its static dissipative properties. YoungBoard can be thermoformed, compression molded, die cut, skived and laminated to various materials.

  • Complies with EIA-541 guidelines for functional electro-static dissipative materials
  • Embedded with conductive carbon for ESD control
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-sloughing / Non-shedding
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Fine cell and uniform closed-cell foam structure

Physical Data Sheet: Youngboard Conductive XLPE


Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Standard Sheet Sizes
Standard sheets of foam are cut slightly larger than the listed size to compensate for shrinkage during packaging, transit, and delivery. Sheets may contain rough edges.

*35" x 23-1/2" 3-Pack
The 3-pack of 35" x 23-1/2" is cut down from 71" x 35" for shipping purposes.

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