Lux Regular Foam

Lux Regular Foam

Lux Regular Foam


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Everyone has a different preference when it comes to soft or firm foams. With our Lux regular foam, discover a quality solution for those with a preference for an option on the firmer side of the spectrum. Perfect for a range of applications, this foam offers superior performance you can count on for years of use.

For purposes that demand support, Lux regular foam works well in cushions, furniture, and seating where enhanced firmness is desired. The quality and firmness of the foam translates to long-lasting mattresses which makes this an ideal application of the foam type. The foam's density allows it to be used in body wedges, as well as around the house in gardening or kneeling pads and even as camping pads, to provide ample support where needed most. We offer this foam type in several sizes and thickness options, so you can always get the exact match to your preference with ease and affordability. When you need a reliable solution offering increased firmness in the powers of foam, this is the solution for your needs. Please Contact Us with any questions regarding this product for further assistance. We are always happy to help our valued customers in any way.

Custom Cutting is Available!

We can cut custom sizes of Lux foam for any size requirement!
See Seats and Cushions for details.

Physical Data Sheet: Lux Regular Foam