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Basement bumper pads help guard against injury by padding hard metal basement poles with a layer of medium-density open-cell foam. Whether you're concerned about your child's safety, or just tired of stubbing toes and banging your knees and elbows, these easily installed pads reduce the danger of support poles. Simply open the pad at the pre-cut slit, push it around the pole and it will wrap around snugly.

Custom Cutting is Available!
If special sizes are needed, please Contact Us!

To identify the diameter of your basement pole, wrap a string around the pole to find its circumference. Measure the string and divide the number by 3.14 (π) to get the diameter, then round the diameter up to the nearest hole size. For example, a diameter of 3-1/4" would round up to a 3-1/2" hole size.

Physical Data Sheet: Charcoal Firm Foam


Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

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Perfect! Great for garage to cover the support beams. Saves your doors!
Eric | April 5th, 2020
I couldn’t be happy with my purchase. I use these in my basement and also in the garage which helps protect the car doors and are a lot safer while walking around. Great price as well! It would be cool if they offered different color options.
Perfect fit
Yazan | March 11th, 2020
High quality pads, fit perfectly into our basement columns.
Perfect for my basement
Dan | March 4th, 2020
I have my Virtual Reality system setup in my basement, and my basement has 4, 4" support poles across the center. These foam pads have proven perfect for protecting my controllers, knuckles, and head from crashing into the poles. These dense foam pads are great cushions from fast impacts and soft to the touch. I would definitely buy again.
Amy | January 29th, 2020
We did this on the pole in our basement and it’s perfect! It was easy and inexpensive and perfectly childproof!
Great product
Tim Land | January 2nd, 2020
A bit pricey, but perfect fit, perfect shipping. Thank you.
Overall OK
Bobbie | December 19th, 2019
This product does the job but I’m not sure if I would buy again. Measured just as they recommended but they seem too big for the post in my opinion - they do not fit as described. The look is ok - like I said, it does the job - but I was expecting a little higher quality. Overall ok, job is done but look and fit are not great.
Good product, terrible lead time
Joel | December 4th, 2019
Functional product, terrible lead time and un-empowered customer service. The product satisfies what it’s intended for but to find out that the product hadn’t even shipped on the day I would have expected to receive is unacceptable these days. Lead times should be two day max for on-hand supply. Customer service should have power to expedite shipping.
Column padding
John Petrella | November 13th, 2019
Excellent padding for the columns in my basement, I no longer have to worry about the grandchildren banging their heads on the columns. Thank you so much for an excellent product, fast shipping and an easy transaction.
Great solution for Garage poll protection
Appletini | June 19th, 2019
Really nice affordable solution for a garage or basement. I used these in a garage to give some protection to the car doors when they were being opened. They are thick enough to take a good hit and they hold onto the poll well enough on there own that you don't even need to ziptie them or anything. Shipping was also really quick and the vacuum sealed foam made the package a reasonable size for what the expanded foam ended up being. It was also easy to unpack how everything was wrapped up. Overall very satisfied and will likely get more from here for other applications.