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Hunters: Protect Your Firearms & Muffle Those Blinds

When hunting season rolls around each year, people take to the outdoors, armed not only with their own weaponry, but with plenty of experience, superstitions, and do-it-yourself accessories to help them get their game. Because much of hunting is about using tact and guile to outsmart prey, homemade hunting goods are often the standard rather … Continue reading

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Understanding and Utilizing Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-26514

For industries that require materials on a large scale, consistency and quality are two of the most important considerations when thousands or even millions of products are being impacted by a material batch. This is important not only for one order, but as more and more orders are placed over time, each set of materials … Continue reading

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Make Two Beds Into One With Foam Bed Bridges!

As anyone who has upgraded from their first twin-sizebed to a queen or king-size bed knows, the experience of relaxing with the extra room that larger sizes provide can be a revelation. Some people don’t even realize what they’re missing out on by sleeping on their smaller mattresses. But in situations where space isn’t the … Continue reading

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