convoluterConvoluter cutters are responsible for producing our instantly-recognizable eggcrate foam from solid sheets without generating any waste. While it sends a blade though the center of a sheet of foam like a horizontal cutter, the convoluter also compresses the foam as it is fed through the machine, using a studded roller to increase pressure during the cut. The areas under the studs are compressed to greater degree than other areas of the foam as the blade passes through. When released from the pressure of the rollers, the compressed areas form the peaks of the eggcrate and areas under less pressure form the valleys. And since the blade passes through the middle of the foam, you wind up with two interlocking eggcrate sheets from one solid sheet!

Our convoluter has an 84" width, allowing us to cut mattress toppers to any size, one of the most popular uses for eggcrate foam. The machine feeds automatically with no limit to the sheet's potential length, provided it remains less than 84" in width. We are able to adjust the height of the foam's peaks from 1" to 3", and vary the thickness of the base, which is the distance from the bottom of a valley to the bottom of the actual sheet. Uses for the eggcrate foam include the aforementioned mattress toppers, padding and backing for seating and wheelchairs, packaging, and even sound-deadening materials cut from acoustical foam.

Examples of products facbricated by this machine:
acoustical foam sheet acoustical eggcrate eggcrate packaging eggcrate topper