Great Uses for Foam Sacks

Family Room

Foam Sacks are an excellent way to add personalized style and comfort to your family room. The wide range of colors can match just about any motif, and the larger Foam Sacks can be used to fill these spaces nicely. Foam Sacks are great in this location because they can be enjoyed by the whole family - no fighting over who gets to sit in it though!

Children's Play Room

Children will love the colorful and unique addition of a Foam Sack to their play area! These chairs are built to hold up to children playing in, on and around them. The outer covers of the Foam Sacks are also washable, so there's no need to worry about children using them on their messier days. Most importantly, with no hard surfaces or sharp edges to run into and the zipper enclosed in welting, our Foam Sacks are safe for kids to play around as well!

Entertainment / Theater Room

Our larger foam sacks are wonderful for entertainment and theater rooms. Whether you want to stretch out and claim it all to yourself or share it with a gang of friends, there's no better way to kick back, relax and enjoy the movie, show or ball game. Video gamers will love them because of their ability to be shaped into comfortable, reclining positions while moving along with your body movement. With our washable outer covers, don't be afraid to enjoy snacks and drinks on your Foam Sacks either!

College Dorm Room

A shortage of space doesn't need to become a shortage of comfort. Because of their non-rigid structure, Foam Sacks can be molded, squished and compacted into just about any size living space. These Foam Sacks are great for both studying and relaxing and are sure to make your room one of the most popular hang-out spots on the floor!


Just starting out with your first place? Have a job that requires you to move frequently? Foam Sacks are great for people with a less-than-sedentary lifestyle. Easily compacted by hand into a box and also able to be vacuum shrunk when placed in a large bag, Foam Sacks are easy to move with for people beginning careers or with jobs that require frequent relocation. They take up a smaller, more manageable space and most importantly, you don't need to worry about broken legs or chipped seats!

And More!

These are just a few of the places people love using our Foam Sacks. We have also made them for classrooms, library reading areas, therapeutic applications, and creativity/brainstorming rooms in offices. Simply put, if you want to add comfort and style to your space, Foam Sacks are your answer. Their only limit is your imagination!