CNC Router

radius cutter Our CNC router is a multi-faceted machine that produces foam end-products, as well as templates and molds for work on other cutters. Using a drill bit rather than a saw to cut, the router handles our sturdiest polystyrene foams and creates the wood plates used by the compression cutter. The bit operates across both the X and Y axis, allowing it to cut square, 90° angles in addition to smooth contours at speeds of up to 2,200" per minute. A cutting area of 60" x 121" ensures plenty of room for any size project, and the router has a clearance of 10" for thicker or tiered pieces. To ensure clean cuts in both foam and wood, different bits are used, ranging in size from 1/8" to 1" in diameter.

In addition to the wood templates, this machine also produces signs and recessed wall niches for architecture that can be tiled over. Bold 3D signs can make your business instantly recognizable, while custom niches in showers and kitchen areas let you personalize your home. These forms and signs are lightweight, cost-efficient, and can also be made to incredibly intricate specifications.

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