Foam Crown Moldings

MoldingsBestIntroducing foam crown moldings from MoldingsBest™, a unique new way to decorate! By using foam in place of wood or acrylic moldings, you can customize your designs and easily install them yourself, all at an affordable price! The flexibility and versatility foam molding provides makes it incredibly easy to use and requires no special trade skills. All you need to do is cut, paint and mount. The non-rigid foam material makes installing over the imperfections present in every wall a snap!

Installation made Easy

Our foam crown moldings are designed for the "do-it-yourself" person, featuring easy installation. Some of the key product features are listed below:

• The side profile of our molding has a notch to represent the top of the form. This prevents the installation of molding upside down.
• Crown moldings are made out of polyurethane foam, making them easier to handle and work with, due to their light weight and flexibility. That flexibility allows them to be installed on curved walls, corners and ceilings that are not perfect 90 degree angles. This is especially helpful in older homes where walls and ceilings have shifted position over time.
• Foam crown moldings can be either brush or spray painted to create whatever look you desire.
• Additionally, foam crown moldings don't have to be cut "perfectly." Because of their flexibility, they can be pushed and pulled into place.

Painting Methods

Brush Paint Spray Paint
1) Mount molding
2) Apply two coats of thinned joint drywall compound and one coat of primer
3) Apply latex paint
1) Spray paint before mounting
2) Allow paint to dry, then mount molding
brush step one brush step two brush step three spray step onespray step two


Perfect for people with a "do-it-yourself" mentality, our foam crown moldings eliminate the need for expensive contractors. You create the look YOU want and mount the molding yourself, saving money you would have spent on a painter and installer.

Molding Room Example ROOM EXAMPLE

This 15' x 12' room requires:
Only 1 kit!

Each kit contains:
(5) Left In-Corners: 5' long
(5) Right In-Corners: 5' long
(1) Left Out-Corner: 2'-6" long
(1) Right Out-Corner: 2'-6" long

Sized for Any Room

Foam crown moldings come in standard sizes of 4-1/2, 6-1/2, 8 and 10 inches tall, ensuring that our foam crown moldings will never be too large or too small for any room.

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