Neoprene Foam Sheets

Neoprene Foam Sheets

Neoprene Foam Sheets


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Neoprene foam is a soft, flexible and durable form-fitting sponge rubber that provides good thermal and moisture insulation. It is resistant to the Ozone, sunlight, oxidation, many chemicals and petroleum derivatives. Neoprene can resist breakdown by water and air and is able to be isolated by virtue of its unique molecular structure. Our neoprene comes in both regular and high quality densities.

Practical applications of neoprene foam are in athletic equipment like gloves, waders, wetsuits and knee and elbow pads. In an industrial capacity it functions as insulation, expansion joint filler in masonry and concrete work and filler support sealant in traffic bearing joints. Neoprene foam can also be used as a sound barrier in or on walls, ceilings or floors and is most effective when used as one component of a multi-layered construction scheme.

Neoprene Regular and Neoprene High Quality are both dark charcoal in color.

Custom Cutting is Available!
We can cut custom sizes of neoprene for any project you may have!
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