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Why You Should Be Foam Rolling


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Foam rolling, known more formally as self-myofascial release (SMR), is a stretching and muscle relaxation technique that has been used by personal trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other medical practitioners since the late-1980s. But it is only in the past decade that the popularity of foam rolling has exploded, thanks in large part to the increased availability of rollers in gyms and fitness centers. If you haven’t tried foam rolling yet or think it’s only for hardcore athletes, here are some reasons why you should be doing it several times a week:

  • Release trigger points (aka “knots”) and reduce general muscle tension caused by work-related repetitive motion, slouching over a computer, standing for hours, etc.
  • Promote blood flow and circulation to help warm muscles prior to workouts
  • Relieve muscle soreness after workouts and speed up recovery time
  • Help improve flexibility and range of motion at the joints
  • Help smooth out the appearance of cellulite by breaking apart interwoven fat fibers located just beneath the skin

In addition to the above, foam rollers can be incorporated as functional training tools in exercises such as lunges, pushups, and planks to increase the difficulty and improve balance, stability, and coordination. Foam rollers can also be used in yoga routines to support various positions.

Now that you’re ready to try foam rolling for yourself, be sure to check out the new foam rollers available at We currently offer two different sizes made of durable 3LB density foam, which is ideal for all ordinary foam rolling activities, so order yours today!

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