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At Foam Factory, Inc., we understand the choices you have as a consumer these days are vast. The era when Henry Ford offered cars in any color – as long as they were black – has given way to 20 different options for something as basic as shampoo; a number that doubles when you also include online choices.

Because of this seemingly endless supply of retailers and products, it can be hard to make a purchase confidently, knowing you got the best product at the best price. This is why we would like to take the time to touch on some of the reasons we feel Foam Factory is your best choice for quality and dependable foam products and service.

We’ve Here to Stay

Foam Factory's expanding facilities, 1980 through 2013
Foam Factory’s expanding facilities,
1980 through 2013

At Foam Factory, Inc., we’ve been in the foam and upholstery industry for more than 30 years, first opening our doors in 1980.  As a family-owned business, we strive to offer quality products at great prices, and take pride in every item that leaves our doors. In addition to our website, we operate out of a brick-and-mortar manufacturing and retail facility located in Southeast Michigan. If you’re in town, stop by and sit on a cushion or try out a memory foam topper in our mattress room; everything on our website is available for purchase in our store. Since we manufacture and sell our own products, you can have confidence you’re dealing with real people who make up a real company, not a smoke-and-mirrors website that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

The Best Prices

One of our company’s core principles is offering quality products at the lowest possible prices. We accomplish this in a few ways, not the least of which is our purchasing power and warehousing ability. With a facility nearly 100,000 square feet in size, Foam Factory is able to purchase materials in bulk and create our own products, as opposed to reselling prefabricated materials. There is no middle man with us, and customers receive that benefit in the form of factory-direct prices. We are always keeping an eye on the market to ensure our products are being offered at the lowest prices, and to reinforce that commitment, we have instituted the Foam Factory Price-Match Guarantee. If you happen to stumble across a competitor offering an identical product at a lower price, we will match their price AND beat it by an additional 10 percent!

Superb Quality

Quality materials beget quality products. This is why every one of our products is made from brand-new, top-quality foam, from our king-size memory foam pillows to our eggcrate packaging foam sets. Even the shredded foam we use in our pet beds and Foam Sacks comes from the same sheets as the rest of our products. We don’t buy second-rate materials to repurpose, and do not resell or repurpose used or damaged materials either. Our precise manufacturing methods produce smooth contours, sharp angles, and precise cuts made to customer specification as well. And for products that require extra care, touch, or technique, our staff has years of hand-cutting expertise to make just what you’re looking for.

Easy Ordering

At Foam Factory, we understand that few things in life are one-size-fits-all solutions, and as a result, we’ve tailored our ordering system to make it as easy as possible for you to get the products you need. Along with our online store and our brick-and-mortar retail facility, we also accept orders by phone, e-mail, and even fax, so you can choose the method that works best for you. Our website includes detailed product descriptions, pictures, usage suggestions, material specification data sheets, fire safety test results, performance data, and even a blog filled with ideas and uses for foam to help you make the most informed decision possible. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have as well, and can be reached via phone or e-mail on our Contact page!

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