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What to Look for in an Inexpensive Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattressAs consumers, we are all familiar with the phrase “You get what you pay for.” The implication here is that you can’t really expect high quality, excellent performance, and durability unless you spend a ton of money for a top-of-the-line product. But you also know from experience that this bit of conventional wisdom isn’t always true.

Take memory foam mattresses as an example. Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars on a name brand memory foam mattress and receive in return a product that will contour to your body, provide targeted support at your unique pressure points, and allow you to rest comfortably without tossing and turning. But you can get the very same results for a fraction of the cost by going with an inexpensive alternative — as long as you know what to look for before you buy. Here’s a brief checklist to get you started.

  • Foam density: One of the biggest determinants of support, comfort, and pain relief is foam density, so stick to 4 lb. or 5 lb. memory foam mattresses.
  • User reviews: Any kind of promotional material you read will talk up the memory foam’s merits without discussing any potential drawbacks. For a better understanding of the actual feel and performance of the mattress, be sure to read as many user reviews as you can find.
  • Reputation of the manufacturer and/or seller: When buying an inexpensive memory foam mattress online, it’s important to check out the reputation of the manufacturer and/or seller of the product you want. Do they have a good name in the industry? What is their customer service record like? Send them an email or try to contact them on social media to gauge their level of responsiveness.
  • Product warranty: No consumer wants to be stuck with a defective product, so limit your memory foam mattress choices to ones that come with a warranty. And be sure to read the terms and conditions of the warranty very carefully so you know exactly what is covered and what you need to do in order to file a claim.
  • Available accessories: Any inexpensive memory foam mattress can be improved with the addition of accessories such as cozy linens, memory foam body pillows, and a memory foam or gel mattress topper. If you feel that your mattress needs just a little something extra to make it perfect, try one of these accessories
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