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Using foam to help during cold/flu season

We all know cold and flu season can take a toll. This dreadful time of year, it seems everyone around you is hacking, coughing, and sneezing and it’s only a matter of time before you are in the same predicament. Did you know foam can be beneficial in regard to cold and flu season? Let’s take a look at a few ways foam can be useful in dealing with this unpleasant time of year.

Most foam is naturally antibacterial in nature. Foam is made in such a way that the material itself is protected against bacteria and germs. The bacteria and germs simply have nowhere to go and grow in a foam material. Other materials allow for the harboring and growth of these nasty microorganisms which help cold and flu season become the dreadful event it is with every passing year. This means if you use foam products in your home or workplace, there aren’t as many illness-causing germs around you.

Another great benefit of foam which may help you in cold and flu season is that many foam types are resistant to mildew and mold. If your upper respiratory tract is already irritated from breathing in mold and mildew all the time, it might make you more susceptible to cold germs during the cold season.

While it is important to note that many cold and flu virus germs are spread from human contacts, such as a handshake, someone coughing on you, a sneeze spreading through the air, etc., so the more germs you can eliminate from other contact sources, the better. Foam helps to prevent the further spread of germs and other airway irritants like mold and mildew which makes it worth considering for your home or business.

In any location, cold and flu-causing germs can be lurking, but some locations are like germ hubs for a few reasons. For starters, any place where a lot of people come and go, such as airports, is bound to have a lot of germs. In addition, any place where people with weaker immune systems prone to illnesses frequently visit, such as hospitals and daycares, will be a potential hotbed for germs. The use of foam in places like airports, hospitals, and daycares can greatly reduce the number of germs present and thereby reduce the spreading of cold germs to a degree.

Foam spray/insulation
The use of foam spray for insulation purposes can also be a benefit during cold and flu season. Since foam is antibacterial and mildew/mold resistant, using it as insulation is a great way to prevent the harboring of harmful bacteria which may contribute to sickness during cold and flu season, as well as preventing airway irritants to weaken your upper respiratory tract prior to getting sick. Foam spray insulation also expands to fill every nook and cranny which means you get the best spread of insulation leaving no gaps or exposed areas for added peace of mind.

Foam rollers
While you may not think of foam rollers as a cold and flu season item, they should be! Foam rollers carry the same antibacterial properties of other foam products with the added benefit of helping you relax your muscles. A foam roller is the perfect way to reduce some of the aches and pains of the flu.

Foam body pillows
Being sick is downright uncomfortable, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. Foam body pillows won’t harbor bacteria or air allergens the same way other pillows will, and they offer added comfort while sleeping or relaxing. Best of all, there are a lot of different options available using the powers of foam from leg and arm rests to whole body pillows so that you can get the comfort you need during flu season and all year long.

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