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Tailor Your Home’s Comfort with Custom Decor Filling

Our homes are the single place we know we can always go to get away from the anxiety and hassle of our daily lives. They’re where we have total control, so we surround ourselves with comfortable furniture, pillows, and other decorations, in designs and styles to match our personalities and put us at ease. But someday, when you go to unwind in your favorite chair, you might notice it’s not quite as comfortable as it used to be. When that time comes, Foam Factory, Inc. will be there with the upholstery supplies, manufacturing capabilities, and old-fashioned know-how to refresh your furnishings and make them as comfortable as the day you bought them.

Shredded 4LB Memory Foam
Shredded 4LB Memory Foam

Seating cushions and backs, recliners, throw pillows and body pillows are just a few comfort products with stuffing that can wear down, flatten, or lose effectiveness over time. Through a simple description or even a photograph, Foam Factory can suggest the right materials to re-fill your décor at home, without the hassle of bringing it to an upholsterer or paying for labor. Or, if you‘re more comfortable leaving it to the professionals, Foam Factory provides full in-store product re-filling for removable cushions and other support products.

Foam Factory’s cushion and pillow filling materials can satisfy the comfort requirements of any individual, whether they need the softest cushion stuffing, the firmest support, or anything in between. Polyester fiberfill, solid or shredded memory foam or conventional foam, round and oval bolsters, and even certain closed-cell foams can all be used to create a brand-new cushion or comfort product.

Couch throw pillows are one excellent application for home filling materials because of how tailored they are to your home. These pillows are designed to accent and highlight the other aspects of your living space so they are often highly personalized and user-specific. Because of the short production runs of specific patterns and colors, it is very difficult to find the same products again if a pillow’s filling loses resiliency. When this happens, we are usually faced with two decisions: deal with flattened, uncomfortable pillows, or throw them away and spend time and money searching for a replacement. With Foam Factory filling products, you can quickly and economically re-fill your cushions, giving you comfort while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

Just as old throw pillows can be made new again, new pillows that look great but don’t feel great can also have their filling replaced. This means finding pillows with the right look needs to be your only concern, because Foam Factory can quickly and affordably replace stock filling with a material that meets your desires exactly, giving you both the feel and appearance you want.

Stuffed Throw Pillow
Stuffed Throw Pillow

Seat backs and arm rests are two other areas that wear down in furnishings over time, turning a once cozy couch or chair into a hard, rigid seat you avoid. Foam Factory’s polyester fiberfill and soft, medium, or firm conventional foams are perfect for furniture repair, with comfort styles that can fit any preference. Other foam-filled products, such as a body pillow or back support pillow provide comfort in large forms, but the hours of nightly use can quickly make them lose their shape, size, and supportive qualities. Fiberfill, or solid or shredded foam in conventional or memory foam varieties can re-fill these products to the fullness you desire, or just add a little extra support to a new pillow that is a softer than you would like. Additionally, Foam Factory manufactures sheets of closed-cell polyethylene roll foam that can be tightly rolled and covered to provide an incredibly resilient, extra-firm body pillow in lengths up to 5′.

The uses for filler materials around the house reach much further than just couches and seat cushions for chairs. You can help your furry friends relax by re-filling their pet bed with supportive foam sheets or cushiony shredded foam, in both conventional and memory foam varieties. For the crafty individual, creating custom gifts or one-of-a-kind interior decorating motifs has also never been easier, with a material selection that can be tailored to virtually any preference. In short, if you have something that needs to be more comfortable, Foam Factory can make it happen.

So when you notice the couch starting to become less supportive, or confuse a throw pillow for a coffee table coaster, you don’t have to decide between comfort and aesthetics. Talk to Foam Factory and they’ll help you find the materials you need to keep your home as comfortable and enjoyable as ever before.

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