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Save Money with New Medical Foam Pillows and Bolsters!

Many of Foam Factory’s comfort products, like sleeping pillows and body bolsters, were only offered in memory foam. However, some people prefer the feel of a conventional foam to that of a memory foam, while others simply enjoy the savings a conventional foam pillow has to offer.

New Medical Foam Neck Pillow (Style CS24)
New Medical Foam Neck Pillow (Style CS24)

Introducing Medical Foam, a 1.5LB density 36ILD conventional foam specifically designed for use in comfort, support, and orthopedic products. Formulated with anti-microbial additives, Medical Foam is a good choice in applications where bodies are in direct contact with a cushion, especially for extended periods of time, like while sleeping. Simply put, it makes for a more hygienic product as it is less prone to fostering irritants and allergens. Lastly, is Medical Foam’s burgundy color. Lighter-colored foam has a tendency to yellow over time, and while this doesn’t impact its performance or quality, it can be unsightly. Being in contact with body oils, lotions, and creams can hasten this process. With its burgundy color, Medical Foam is more resistant to discoloration over time, as are all darker foam colors. It may not have any benefit in terms of performance, but in terms of aesthetics, it is a big bonus.

Products transitioning to a Medical Foam option in the near future include:

– Contour Sleeping Pillow (Style CS23)

– Neck Pillow (Style CS24)

– Teardrop Pillow (Style CS25)

– Ear Pillow

Oval Bolsters (Three Sizes)

(The Neck Pillow, Teardrop Pillow, Ear Pillow, and Oval Bolsters are all still available in 5LB memory foam as well, while the Contour Sleeping Pillow will still be available in both 5LB and 3LB memory foam.)

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