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How to Make a Firm Memory Foam Mattress Softer

memory foamMemory foam mattresses are popular because of the amount of all-over support they provide for the neck, shoulders, joints, and other pinch points on the body. This support helps to relieve pressure and promote blood circulation so you can get a good night’s sleep.

But some people might find a memory foam mattress to be too firm—especially if they have recently made the switch from a standard spring coil mattress. It may take these folks anywhere from several weeks to several months to get used to the change. Meanwhile, that’s a long time to have to deal with restless nights brought on by an overly firm mattress, so here are some tried and true tips for making memory foam softer.

  1. Use a mattress topper. Adding more layers between your body and your memory foam mattress is a great way to make your bed more comfortable. A foam or latex mattress topper in a lower density than your mattress can provide the support you need along with the softness you desire. As an alternative, try using a wool, down, or cotton mattress pad for comfort.
  2. Alter the base support of your memory foam mattress. If you’d rather not use a mattress topper, then consider making the base support of your mattress softer. Chances are, the base is extremely rigid, which in turn makes the foam mattress feel overly firm. Placing more pliable material, such as particleboard, a thin futon pad, or even egg-crate foam, between the mattress base and the mattress could solve your problem.
  3. Warm up your mattress before bedtime. Some memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive and soften as they get warmer. Turning on an electric blanket or electric mattress pad about 20 minutes before bedtime should help make your memory foam mattress a bit more pliable than usual.
  4. Walk or crawl on your mattress for several minutes every day. Because memory foam cradles the body, you’re less likely to toss and turn in your sleep. This is great for getting quality Z’s, but doesn’t help break in the mattress any faster. To speed up the process, try walking or crawling on the mattress for several minutes every day,

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