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Foam By Mail’s 100th Blog Post (A Compilation)!

In honor of this, our 100th blog post, we’ve gone back over the last few years and cherry-picked some of our most interesting, useful, and popular posts and collected them here. Take a look and let us know what you think, but remember – there’s a lot more than what we’ve recapped here! And if there’s anything you would like to know more about or have us cover, please feel free to comment or Contact Us and let us know!

The Basics

To start, we decided it would be a good idea to round-up our articles on the basics of foam and put them all in one place, for anybody curious or looking for information on our range of products, or foam as a whole. These cover everything from the definitions of density and firmness, to the characteristics of some of the most popular types of foam.

Our Most Popular

While maintaining our blog, we’ve seen some posts distinguish themselves as particularly popular among our readers, whether because of the information they contain, the ideas they present, the questions they led readers to ask regarding their own needs, or because they just found them interesting! Here are some posts that caught our readers’ eyes:


One thing gaining popularity in recent years is the number and diversity of do-it-yourself projects people are choosing to take on. We’ve seen it among our own customers, and have put together a series of articles focused on helping our readers complete their own projects quickly, affordably, and easily.

All About Acoustics

Our acoustical sound treatment line is full of versatile and effective products for clarifying and clearing the sound in a listening room or recording area. The following posts cover information on what you can expect from our quality foam treatment:

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading our blog and learned something useful and interesting! And as we previously mentioned, feel free to send us any ideas you have on topics you’d like to see covered!

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