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Fight Acid Reflux with Foam Body Wedges and Bolsters

Acid reflux is a disease that affects millions of people on a daily basis. Long-term acid reflux can cause serious esophageal damage, such as bleeding, ulcers or scarring that can reduce swallowing ability. For some people, it may only occur on rare occasion but for those experiencing it twice a week or more, it is classified as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). People can spend thousands of dollars a year on acid reflux treatment or even undergo surgeries to correct the causes of this disease. But in less severe cases or as a supplement to other steps being taken, simple lifestyle changes can have a substantial effect mitigating the issues caused by acid reflux.

Medical Body Wedge Foam

One of the simplest changes that can pay major dividends in battling the symptoms of acid reflux is altering sleeping posture. In addition to the discomfort it creates, acid reflux can also reduce your ability to achieve a full night’s sleep, affecting every area of your life. Featuring a line of mattresses, bolster pillows, body wedges and other bedding products, Foam Factory, Inc. has an inventory of materials that can help function as acid reflux remedies, reducing how the disease impacts your life.

A boost in upper-body posture, even by a few inches depending on the severity of symptoms, can help reduce acid reflux through basic gravity. By elevating the esophagus, head and throat, it is much harder for stomach acid to climb and irritate. Traditional sleeping postures make it easy for acid to ascend and may even exacerbate symptoms. For example, sleeping on your right side places the stomach higher than the esophagus, which can make it easy for acid to enter and cause discomfort. Foam Factory manufactures a variety of body wedges in varying material types, heights and coverings to tailor comfort and performance to the customer. For more permanent solutions, they also produce specialty mattresses with inclines, either in removable, mattress-sized wedges or a single, solid mattress with a contoured boost included in its form.

Foam Factory wedges come in multiple open-cell varieties for tailoring each product to your individual needs. The standard bed wedge pillow is made of charcoal foam, which features a balance of comfort and support that will give your upper body the lift it needs while remaining soft enough for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also offered is higher quality medical foam with greater density, firmness and an antimicrobial formula that will resist mold, mildew and bacteria. For individuals requiring a specialized sleeping product due to sensitivities or preference, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial Dunlop latex foam can be cut into an acid reflux wedge, with contour-molding firmness and a cooling, aerated structure.  For temperature sensitive contoured sleep support, a layer of memory foam can also be adhered to a standard foam body wedge to maintain support. Custom covers can be made for these wedges in a non-removable, spot-clean only, cotton/polyester fabric or in machine washable, 100 percent cotton twill and 100 percent micro-fiber suede, both with zippers for easy removal.

A custom foam mattress can also be made for long-term help battling acid-reflux. If the boost provided by a reflux wedge is too great to sleep comfortably, mattresses with full-length wedge bolster layers can raise the head and neck gradually, maintaining the feeling of sleeping on a flat surface.  These can be created in lifts of 2 inches for a minor boost or up to 10 inches for the greatest. Foam Factory can bond these wedges to a custom top foam layer for a brand-new mattress or provide the sleeping wedge only, to be placed under an existing mattress. These full-length wedges are made of charcoal foam because of the even weight distribution across the surface of the product. For the heaviest mattresses, firm foam can be used to compensate with extra support.  Covers are available for these custom mattresses and mattress wedges as well. Oval bolsters are also available in poly or memory foams for a minor boost, whether placed under a mattress, or under a pillow atop the bed. These forms won’t roll out of position like round bolsters and can increase height by 4, 5 or 6 inches.

Body Bolsters w/4 & 5 Inch Tapers
Body Bolsters w/4 & 5 Inch Tapers

Improved posture during the day has also been linked to reducing the impact of acid reflux. By slouching or frequently bending over, pressure is placed on the stomach, forcing acid up through the esophagus. Correct posture reduces pressure on the stomach and keeps the esophagus vertical, making it harder for acid to climb. In addition to their line of sleeping products to combat acid reflux, Foam Factory also manufactures posture-improving seating pads that help relieve aches and tension in addition to their acid reflux-relieving benefits.  With their orthopedic cushions, available in 3, 4 or 5 inch heights and medium or firm foams, spine alignment and lumbar support is promoted for a straighter posture, with an additional cutout included to relieve tailbone pressure. These are excellent for people who spend extended periods of time seated in an office, on the road or working from home.

Unfortunately for some, acid reflux is so severe that it can only be mollified by extra-strength medication or invasive surgery. For others though, lifestyle changes can make a major difference in living with GERD or acid reflux. While sleeping, or even just relaxing, elevating the upper body while in a reclined position can make it much more difficult for acid reflux to impact you. Foam Factory’s body wedges, mattresses, foam cushions and bolsters can all help make a positive difference in the life of an acid reflux sufferer without the investment in powerful medicines or invasive surgery.

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  1. I am looking for an 8 inch, full length wedge to go under a mattress to raise the head 8 inches. Needs to be sturdy to last a long time.

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