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Make Your Dining Room Furniture Enjoyable with Custom Pads!

Dining room furniture is one of the cornerstones of a home, bringing elegance and style to one of the classic gathering places for friends and family. These sets can be brand-new investments or family heirlooms, passed down through generations. One commonality between most dining room sets however, is the rigidity of the seats. Often, these intricately crafted chairs take a minimalist approach to the actual seating surface, leaving it uncovered and hard. The style and sentimentality this furniture provides ... (Read More)

Custom Cushions Can Make Your Oldest Furniture Feel New!

For many people, a sofa is the center of activity in the home. Whether watching TV, movies, reading, relaxing or entertaining, the couches in a home are a place we gather and unwind. Considering the time spent on them and the importance of decompressing after a hard day’s work, the comfort of a sofa is incredibly important. But over time, even the best cushion can lose support. With the cost of new furniture, the hassle of getting it in ... (Read More)

Understanding Foam Firmness and Compression Strength

When evaluating a foam product for use in a comfort application, perhaps the most useful testing value for determining its usability is compression strength. This value rates a foam’s feel and firmness by testing how it yields to or supports applied weight. These values are the easiest way to categorize materials, making the selection of a foam type easier by narrowing the field and even helping make a purchase decision if the chance to feel the foam in person ... (Read More)

Tailor Your Home’s Comfort with Custom Decor Filling

Our homes are the single place we know we can always go to get away from the anxiety and hassle of our daily lives. They’re where we have total control, so we surround ourselves with comfortable furniture, pillows, and other decorations, in designs and styles to match our personalities and put us at ease. But someday, when you go to unwind in your favorite chair, you might notice it’s not quite as comfortable as it used to be. When ... (Read More)

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