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The Types, Qualities, and Benefits of Foam Rubber Products

Foam rubbers are durable materials made of varying blends of polymers and elastomers that produce some of the most versatile and unique materials in the world of foam. With their substantial list of applications and characteristics, neoprene sheets and gymnastic rubber are two of the most useful and utilitarian products in Foam Factory, Inc.’s catalog, and can easily be customized to fit any application for which their attributes provide the best solution. A medium-weight, resistant material, neoprene is a ... (Read More)

Custom Cushions Can Make Your Oldest Furniture Feel New!

For many people, a sofa is the center of activity in the home. Whether watching TV, movies, reading, relaxing or entertaining, the couches in a home are a place we gather and unwind. Considering the time spent on them and the importance of decompressing after a hard day’s work, the comfort of a sofa is incredibly important. But over time, even the best cushion can lose support. With the cost of new furniture, the hassle of getting it in ... (Read More)

Understanding Foam Firmness and Compression Strength

When evaluating a foam product for use in a comfort application, perhaps the most useful testing value for determining its usability is compression strength. This value rates a foam’s feel and firmness by testing how it yields to or supports applied weight. These values are the easiest way to categorize materials, making the selection of a foam type easier by narrowing the field and even helping make a purchase decision if the chance to feel the foam in person ... (Read More)

Get Creative with Arts and Crafts with Foam!

While numerous, foam’s applications are often thought of in a functional sense; a utility material that gets the job done. Whether it’s deadening a room’s sound, softening a firm mattress or keeping delicates safe in packaging, foam is a go-to material for many things. But at the end of the day, foam doesn’t necessarily have to be left at the job site. It is also a wonderful product for arts and crafts at home with the family, at school ... (Read More)

Protect Sensitive Electronics with Anti-Static Foam

Any person concerned with the security of goods being shipped or stored understands the importance of appropriate packaging. Not only is opening a box to find a damaged item a disappointment, poorly packed items result in unnecessary costs to both buyers and sellers. Using foam is one of the best ways to make sure something leaves a box in its original condition. Certain products though, may require an extra degree of protection that standard foam is unable to provide. ... (Read More)

Polyethylene Foam: Its Uses, Characteristics, and Varieties

With versatility that makes it the perfect product for a multitude of projects, polyethylene is one of the most utilized but least recognized foam materials on the market. While polystyrene is known for its use in cups and insulation and the soft, and squishy feel of polyurethane foam is something everyone is familiar with, polyethylene is often a forgotten material. But from packaging and flotation devices, to masonry supplies and shock absorbers,  it’s hard at work around us every ... (Read More)

Cool and Comfortable Sleep with All-Natural Latex Pillows

As the research showing the ecological and health benefits of organic and all-natural products increases, the switch to sustainable and eco-friendly materials has become a practical investment rather than a fad or trend. This societal change continues to grow everyday, with “green” and natural options or alternatives available for nearly everything. One particular area that has embraced a conversion to natural products is the bedding industry. Because of the benefits these products have provided their customers as well as ... (Read More)

The Traits of Ester vs. Ether-Based Polyurethane Foams

To say something is “made of foam” likely produces one of two mental images of the material; the white polystyrene seen in drinking cups, coolers, and packing peanuts, or the squishy, spongy material that makes up foam footballs and polyurethane sheet packaging. These are both correct obviously, but as is true with many things, there is more than meets the eye with foam. Familiar, open-cell polyurethane foam is actually divided into two categories, ester-based polyurethane and ether-based polyurethane. If ... (Read More)

Foam Toys For Worry-Free Fun From Foam Factory

Just like the people who use it, foam can take on many different roles in life. Foam can always be found working hard as insulation, floor padding, packaging or sound treatment; tasks it excels in. But once the workday is done and the weekend arrives, foam gets to show its lighter side, with its ability to be made into a plethora of toys for any age. Foam Factory, Inc. is proud to offer a wide selection of foam toys, ... (Read More)

Secure DIY Packaging Solutions with Pick and Pull Grid Foam

Often, packaging minor items for shipping only requires a bit of crumpled newspaper, old packaging peanuts, or at most, leftover bubble wrap. Sending non-delicate items with these materials is an excellent way to get something from point A to point B cheaply. However, when faced with fragile goods, the packaging of a product becomes more stressful. Deciding which material for packaging is needed, finding those materials and purchasing the right amount for the job can make someone wonder if ... (Read More)

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